Blogger Buster: Add a "BlogThis" button to your toolbar

Blogger Buster: Add a "BlogThis" button to your toolbar

so many basic errors

amzing how many major apps / sites have such basic things that don't work (properly)

e.g. click 'new post' on here (blogger) - where is the cursor? why is it not in the title box?

what still no blogger (OS) app

is this a gogle vs aple thing?

Ultra Absorbent ( temporary posting )

Ultra Absorbent

By Vic (@pendlecheek), 17 April 2018

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore.”
Thus spake Howard Beale, immortalised by Peter Finch, and recently revived by Bryan Cranston. [For those of you from the future, it’s April 2018.]

Here’s to you.

The teacher who marketed himself as running a ‘family school,’ got off on physical violence and had kids who were clearly his favourites. We were so inured in the system that aged ten we joked about the ‘sessions’ he would have with them.

Here’s to you.

The two guys who once tried to drag me into a car at a day festival in Brockwell Park. “You’re coming with me.”
No, I fucking well ain’t.

Here’s to you.

The late-night creeps and wankers who convinced me the only safe way to walk home alone to my university accommodation was armed to the hilt.

Here’s to you.

The fat bastard jammed into the seat of his Nissan Micra with two underage girls, who shouted at me to walk more quietly or he would “teach me a lesson that would cut me down to size.”

Here’s to you.

The Big Issue vendors who grabbed my arse when I was nineteen. When I objected, they called me a fucking fat cow and said I should be grateful for the attention.

Here’s to you.

The relative who stood by and laughed while his mates touched me up. A few weeks earlier, I watched him feed fried finger food to a younger woman known to his circle as the local bike, while his wife was waiting for him at home. He also once put a prostitute on the phone to speak to me.

Here’s to you.

The musician who secretly recorded my wonky vocals when I was nervous, so he could laugh about them with other men I knew.

Here’s to you.

The jewellery store owner in Marrakech who rubbed himself up against me as he put a choker around my neck.

Here’s to you.

The former manager who still reckons that thoughtless LinkedIn recommendations compensate for the time he touched my backside in public, and who excused himself at the time by saying he was [insert nationality here]. He also sent me an abusive and controlling email while I was on compassionate leave burying my father—classy.

Here’s to you.

The senior leader to whom I reported said manager for indecent assault. He promised to address the situation. He did nothing. I subsequently heard I had been “jettisoned for political reasons.” Both men’s careers are still intact.

Here’s to you.

The shell-suit clad thug who swung me around by my hair on Westminster Bridge, and threatened to punch me in front of his young daughter because I failed to get out of the way when he tried to walk ‘through’ me.

Here’s to you.

The colleague who kept complaining he was having a nervous breakdown, failed to do a full day’s work for years, allowed me to cover for him but was obsessed enough with his own machismo to claim my work as his own—and deny everything.

Here’s to you.

His boss (and his boss) who told me I was mistaken, overreacting, should work less hard, spend more time with my family and ultimately punished me for speaking out.

Here’s to you.

There will inevitably be others I have forgotten. Putting these items in chronological order allows me to see trends and patterns in behaviour—both my own and others’. All of these people were men who sought to retain or regain power and control. In many cases I was compliant and silent, ‘assuming good intent,’ as Human Resources departments like to chant. When I spoke up, I was variously difficult, intimidating or ambitious—as if this somehow excused the original behaviour. [Those of you who don’t identify as women may not recognise ‘ambitious’ as a negative descriptor. Trust me, it is.] Codly statistical for a moment, fewer than a third of these situations involved unwanted sexual contact. If you take nothing else away from this rant, please understand this. The current focus on combating sexual harassment is great as far as it goes, but it risks bypassing much needed change in the way women are viewed and treated in all respects, not just as objects of sexual desire. I have felt much angrier for longer about an employer’s failure to deal with unfairness than I ever have a hand on my arse or anywhere else.
This has also persisted. Thirty years and counting for me. I recently said as much to the ‘senior leader’ I mentioned above. His response? “But things have improved so much in the last 50 years.” Not in my experience, pal. And who made you the fucking authority on that?

But here’s to you, too.

The role model in my extended family who practised what he preached, demonstrating that, in his own words, “we’re not all shitbags.”
The young men I am proud to call my brothers.
My worthy opponent who sees me as a person first, and a woman second.
The Big Issue vendor on Jubilee Bridge who could well be the nicest person in London. I always mean to tell him how much he has helped me, and have never quite got around to it. Shame on me.

I know you’re not all shitbags. But please have a check once in a while in case you have a lump forming. It may need cutting out.

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore. Bridges burned? Probably. Libellous? I dare you to publicly recognise yourself in it. Paddling my own canoe? Finally.

Copyleft 🄯

radnom draft from the passed

reminded today (via; bitch) of cyber feminist [...]


g o d t o s e e
back to front

We Talked About Refrigerators with Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet | Motherboard

We Talked About Refrigerators with Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet | Motherboard: We Talked About Refrigerators with Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet (twice) - when we should have been talking about the return of the pop-up advert


HyDeSign over ten year ago - how much still works

not a lot but of course the simple eligance of Zefrank


Interesting that OpenSource encryption is hitting 'mainstream'
 got here via: mynamesis
1 ID
Your phone number
That is the goal
but can this work?

Also, Facebook using wordpress for their news site...
Who owns Auto-Google-matic

Maybe google will give up on their 'own' social media front (circles, hang-outs, u-hoo) and just adopt open source for everything - or maybe they could team up with FB :-//
Sherry Turkle


FirstMonday 20 years!

First Monday has just published the May 2016 (volume 21, number 5) issue at

The May 2016 issue marks the 20th anniversary of First Monday. The first issue appeared two decades ago on the first Monday of May 1996 on a server in Copenhagen, coinciding with the opening of the International World Wide Web Conference in Paris.

Where is BlogThis! ? - Blogger Help


Why doesn't this come up when you search for 'Blogger Blog This' etc. on Google?

// Used to be mentioned here:

Where is BlogThis! ? - Blogger Help



Book review: ‘The Internet Is Not the Answer’ by Andrew Keen - The Washington Post

Book review: ‘The Internet Is Not the Answer’ by Andrew Keen - The Washington Post:

"The Internet is, indeed, not the answer. It is, rather, the all-consuming question of the first half of the 21st century."
which includes mention of :

The People's Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age
which looks interesting...

Bugger, thought I could download
Information Doesn't Want to be Free by Cory Doctorow
for Free, but it looks like I can't :-(

no title

Why all the angst? Blogging is far from dead | Dan Gillmor | Comment is free | We're all still working our way into this complex new media ecosystem, and it'll take some time before we get it right.

we the people

ted talks are often great
sometimes they are important
rarely do they prompt a blog post


respect to BrainPickings for (slightly;-)) better quality


Open university: Joi Ito plans a radical reinvention of MIT's Media Lab (Wired UK)

maybe i'm feeling cynical but some of the sentiments seem a little scathing and patronising... but potentially interesting (how open tho'?)

Open university: Joi Ito plans a radical reinvention of MIT's Media Lab (Wired UK)

From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen - The MIT Press

From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen - The MIT Press: From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen examines how this increasingly open, collaborative, and personalizable technology is shaping not just our social interactions but new kinds of civic engagement with cities, communities, and spaces. [via FM review]

From books to infrastructure - Design - Domus

From books to infrastructure - Design - Domus: From books to infrastructure—
Most people think of Amazon as little more than an online bookstore, but it could be one of the defining forces of 21st–century life—an algorithmically managed infrastructure company that has single–handedly rewritten the publishing industry's rulebook. A design report from Seattle by James Bridle

The Filter Bubble

Book review of Eli Pariser’s The filter bubble: What the Internet is hiding from you
by Anne Shelley.
First Monday, Volume 17, Number 6 - 4 June 2012

She Is Leaving :: Cube Grenades from gapingvoid art

She Is Leaving :: Cube Grenades from gapingvoid art: "It was pre-destined that the stronger, smarter sex would come to dominate every aspect of life, leaving mainstream is just another iteration...."

Playing For Change | Higher Ground

...such as being able to easily link to an image?)

gapingvoid gallery: Our potential speaks through the Internet--sharing our products, designs, art, technology and achievements, but look at how we're talking to one another now. The global village has become a reality. Cultural barriers are fading. Phsyical distances are evaporating. Languages can be translated with two clicks of the mouse.

[my epmasys - made *me* smile anyway]

Doc Searls Weblog � World wide puddle

some great quotes and interesting pointers from >>
Doc Searls Weblog � World wide puddle: "I don’t have a conclusion here, other than to say that maybe Nick and both Alices are right, and the Net is not so ideal as some of us (me especially) tend to think it is. But I also think the Net is something we make, and not just something that makes us." [my emphasis]
keep seeing mentions of TedTalks

just wish my connection was fast enough to watch them :(

inbox hero (11 Mar., 2011, at Interconnected)

inbox hero (11 Mar., 2011, at Interconnected):
"Rand: 'The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.'"


Black in FM
"The historic knowledge–management role of the diplomat highlights the part technology has played in the world of diplomacy, including the relationship between the ambassador abroad and the political centre. It also offers a further perspective on the ways in which technologies open up new possibilities, intended and unintended, often fraught with ambiguity and potential for enhancement and disruption. In turn this offers lessons for further consideration of what can be termed the Dark Side of Knowledge Management, and for organizational communication in general."

Volume 16, Number 1 - 3 January 2011 Table of Contents

Matt Webb's Interconnected (it's all confused and beautiful.)

Matt is back - say no more :->
Matt Webb's Interconnected (it's all confused and beautiful.)