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for some great comments on real life security - AskTog: Security D'ohLTs - hope the url doesn't break like it has elsewhere because of the apostrophe (yes - I now have right click iespell checking installed - tres necesare)

Object Lesson: Disconnected Urbanism | Metropolis Magazine | November 2003: "Disconnected Urbanism
The cell phone has changed our sense of place more than faxes, computers, and e-mail."
Why the mobile phone means a place is not a place anymore. I couldn't agree more. From a piece by enthusiasm.cozy.org which mirrors the stuff about fimiliar strangers very nicely.

No real reason for linking to Matt - apart from I really like his site, the way is looks/works and the abundant title text - it is funny not to be actually visiting a lot of blogs nowadays as I get to most of them (that I visit regularly) via bloglines - though it is weird that on some of them the inline links do not appear... On to the reason for this post. I think I am going to separate my links into reception channels (email-bloglines-web-other) - which reminds me I must update them to include DigitalWeb mag - don't know how I forgot... Interconnected: Matt is "Curious. Sites that spam referrer logs with the addresses of fake weblogs." I have found this happening occasionally on HyDeSign too - but thought it was a bug r/t something malicious going on... I wonder¿

one of the currently popular articles on HBS Working Knowledge: Innovation: Einstein You’re Not—and Don’t Have to Be - interesting read about how it is not solutions to old problems but new functions that may provide solutions to previously unknown problems that should be searched for
two battersea powerstation image sites
thingsmagazine.net: photography gallery

the power station looks like it will live on albeit with a slightly different form and function

been here before - can't remember when - there's still NobodyHere - not-likely [via danah]

Interesting archived edition of Thinking Allowed (or aloud) on Six Degrees of Separation [ram]

And i must listen to Tony Benn Think(ing) About It - it being Lifelong Thinking [ram]

both via Chris McEvoy's excellent (previously linked to - of course) BBC Radio 4 A to Z which is part of the Usability Views timeline of articles

Spy: Writing: Design by or for the people? (Guardian Online) funnily, this matches something i wrote today, albeit a lot more briefly :)))

just a bit of simple reciprocal linking judith meskill's knowledge notes...

the route i took
visuos: A Visuo-spatial Operating Software for Knowledge Work
which i linked to the other day [via UsabilityViews]

[visuos] Book/System information site

[dr. clemens lango] author's site

[Interaction Design: between hardware and software] article by clemens lango

[Mihai Nadin] clemens lango's ph.d supervisor

who is behind [Creative Environments] phew... better stop there I think

watching (well mainly listening) to Tom Zimmerman from IBM Almaden Research talking about his Motivations for Invention

from the [CS547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar]

and Tom mentions a few time the [exploratorium] which has some brilliant interactive exhibits - but much better actually being there - I was amazed to see I hadn't linked to after our trip to San Fran back in - I think I only linked to some of the f~art we'd seen

tom friedman
soap and pubic hair

missed the stream from Ivrea SYMPOSIUM ON FOUNDATIONS OF INTERACTION DESIGN today - but am going to make sure I am watching tomorrow - there is also an Ivrea Intersections Blog best post is by purselipsquarejaw - with some interesting links about Pelle Ehn"] whose links I followed to cultural usablity [thanks to BrightlyColoredFood for the pointer - via -gottta give it another plug- bloglines]

The Political Compass
Measured mine as:
Economic Left/Right: -8.12
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.74

So, as I'd gone to the bother of taking the test, I thought I'd better plot myself

what kind of social software are you?

just looked at the ppt from this cityofsound: Adaptive Design Presentation by Dan - really like the Planes / Longevity matrix. Loads of great related links too.

nice to see there is now some content on eye | critique A community of bloggers By Rick Poynor
"Some of today's most intelligent, entertaining and well written design commentary is being published on blogs"

Design Observer: writings about design & culture by Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, Jessica Helfand and Rick Poynor *wow* [via bbj]

interesting 'special' on BogieLand Nov. 2003 - The Document Triangle a mention of Roger Schank reminded me of e4e which I don't think I have ever linked to b4¿

Interaction Ivrea: SYMPOSIUM ON FOUNDATIONS OF INTERACTION DESIGN (12-13 November 2003) ~can't wait for the results of this to be published. Great line up of participants including: Yrjö Engeström, Thomas Moran, Donald A. Norman, Gillian Crampton Smith and Bill Moggridge (to name just the one's that I am already aware of...)

some cool imagery Jason Salavon - Selected projects

apropos of nothing 0format :)