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Evaluating Web Information and Design (5 of 5)

Useful references from a very simple but concise guide to web design evaluation
David is attending this - i look forward to finding out what he discovers - funny to see that Liz Goodman from smartLAB is presenting and that the link to CSM doesn't work :)

they could do with some pixel traiders - to sort their site out - and there is very little info :(

surprising myself with the frequency of my ByHyDeSign Blogs at the moment - I must be avoiding doing something ;-)
EDGE Digerati: The WYSIWYG - Charles Simonyi

I really must read this interview with the creator of the first 'what you see is...' software. Now doing research at MSFT.
Dr. Simonyi has endowed the Charles Simonyi Professorship For The Understanding Of Science at Oxford University which is held by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins!

The Third Culture Beyond the Scientific Revolution by John Brockman
" The third culture consists of those scientists and other thinkers in the empirical world who, through their work and expository writing, are taking the place of the traditional intellectual in rendering visible the deeper meanings of our lives, redefining who and what we are. "

just one of the many interesting looking things I found on the edge site (see prev post) - now just need to time to be able to read it...


some very interesting articles and people stored here

but the recent highlights show that Rupert Murdoch was present at the 2002 edge dinner!
so that sorta blows alot of the credibility out the window

Boxes and Arrows: Because we can

eventually kicks into action - now let's see whether the content 'stands up' like a box or 'falls flat' like an arrow - or vice versa i guess - 'sticks' in firmly like a well shot arrow or 'collapses' flat like a re-usable box ;)

from a post by Ken Friedman to the PHd design list i went to the sonic rim site (cause Ken said he was impressed with their approach) where I came across this pevious
ED:DE AIGA Pittsburgh event where they were amougst some of the v. interesting people facilitating it, including George Olson Principal of Interaction by Design.

I may follow up some of the others...

i wonder if these make it onto the DeSign blog?

SIMS 247 Fall '00 Schedule and Assigments

All the lecture notes from the Info Vis course - notably week 3: affordances Norman - and week 10: all the students presentations.
SIMS 247

Info Vis lecture notes - by Prof. Marti Hearst at Berkeley - looks at tub map and other LT maps, Tufte's O-ring graph analysis plus... [English version]

very interesting email/web reports about info visualisation - also contains news, events and biogs of 'top' InfoVis people - Ben Shneiderman, Edward R. Tufte, TBL, etc...
Internet World Magazine > Special Report: Design Usability - December 15, 2000

old piece by Lou - one of the few that is available ;)
relevant to our on-going intranet redesign thinking
LiNE Zine Fall 2001 - Communicating Meaning by Nate Burgos

interesting piece about drawing and conveying information or ('making meaning')

The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniques

"people adapt the strategy to the particular need at the moment;" i.e. context

from Bloug
Artificial Environments
some f. interesting projects and research
eye | the international review of graphic design
check out the cute concept index - shame about the lack of content :(

passed this by Iam Noble - was created by student at LCP see prev. blog AE

hy_web: ben hyde's website
prompted by the rare exception - thought I'd better return to form :-)
Zero - Hans Schleger: A Life of Design

This exhibit is on at the mo - downstairs:.

the highlight (for me) being the JohnLewisPartnership logo:

which I really like - this visual device is derived from the letters jlp to very good effect
note - v. roughly redraw (doesn't do it justice) - this has been fazed out in favour of stripes

and the - bus stop - sign:

note - this is a request stop - so you have to put out your hand
again this is redraw - and I have almost certainly got the text/image proportions all wrong ;-)
the breakthrough here is the incorporation of text 'BUS STOP' with the LT logo to create a unified info-design

2 interesting things:
the prominence of the ZERO signature/logo on nearly all the work, and
the use of the carefuly designed ZERO (logo) by Hans

what if advertising houses / or designers stamped their logo on their adverts for Companies