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DIS'02 on the DL - but alas my access has been disabled :((( Some very interesting looking articles by Bill Moggridge, Tom Moran and Ben Fry (to name just three!)...

(Still) trying to configure Blogger to send my posts via email to the HyDeSign egroup - but not sure if it will work as yet - this post being a test really ;) I think email blogs are much better than having to visit them to check (surprised that people have bother to keep checking this blog - as it seems they have - my previous interFaces post making it onto InfoDesign - shame there was no link back to here ;-(

Currently listening to Robert Elms on LondonLive and recording various shows from the (via the BBC radio player) on ADSL is great - often better than FM reception was in London :-) Weird to keep connected whilst being somewhere sooooo different

Interfaces arrived in the post today - finally made it to me in France via snail mail forwarding.
At least it is ahead of the web :)

issue 52 contains an interview with J. Spool

Finally blogging again - thought I'd start with a referrer from today - amazed that I am still getting them given there has been nothing new for ages.

Anyway, t'is nice to see a blog focussed version of touchgraph browser - / visualneighborhood : hydesign

Shame the jar file seems to crash NS but I guess I had better upgrade from 4.7 ;)