Some great photos from the museum of accidents - not as morbid as it sounds

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new info vis Interaction and Time

one from my e-food HBS Working Knowledge: Career Effectiveness: Audience Grabbers: Start With a Bang

- though written about presentations, alot of these seem to apply to online presentation too

1. Make it personal
2. Throw out a quirky fact
3. Put them on the edge of their seats
4. Draw a hypothetical scenario
5. Create a series of vignettes
6. Use a pertinent quote

Intro quote:

"A lightning roundhouse kick to the ribs, launched a millisecond after the referee's bark of 'Hajime! (Begin!),' had left me flattened, breathless, and endowed with fresh insights into the importance of seizing the initiative and thus control of a situation."

Practicing exactly what's being preached - pretty rare.

Twin Cities Design Celebration 2003: Typography Engine Controls

Accessible Odeon - Home: An accessible version of the Odeon website. Which provides nearly all of the information and functionality available on the official website - it fetches its information from their site so will always be as up-to-date as theirs - but is presented in a much more accessible way

Brilliant - wish there were more sites like this - sort of akin to Amazon lite

~am in the process of adding recent egroup subscriptions (or trying to)- sorry for the delay...

Urban75 ezine featuring bulletin boards, football, politics, useless games, Brixton info, panoramas, photo galleries, direct action, protest, rave, drugs info and more.
what all e-zines should be like fat chance!

got to this via a great post by dan (cityofsound) about of all things, the V&A art deco exhiibit

:: New Statesman: "From Rags To Riches: the case for better public spaces" a the lecture by Sir Stuart Lipton, chairman of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)

Am certainly going to listen to these >>>
NPR --> Search --> Criterion: national story project

Have just finished reading the book,
edited by Paul Auster,
which resulted from this project.

You can purchase it at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)- - True Tales of American Life

Whilst a guest on a national radio show in the USA, Paul Auster ]...[ requested listeners to send in their true stories, the only stipulation being that they were true, and short.

I found them all very moving, because of a strong feeling they were often very personal, but becasue there are so many of them, they become frustratingly forgettable......

What's important to measure on your website?: July 21, 2003 issue of New Thinking by Gerry McGovern

Particularly good Thinking about counting!

as soon as I had posted about pop-ups being stopped by the google toolbar the adverts on this page changed to be about pop-up stopers - I wonder what other key words might prompt them to change again...?

adi | Narrative Theory - how to tell good stories

Am always Looking For Hypertext Patterns of different sorts!
...looks kinda intriguing (I want pop-up spell checking - off to...)
:: Neil Clark on Noam Chomsky : "The charge of both anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism is regularly made by propagandists of the new world order against those who do not happen to share their enthusiasm for biennial invasions of sovereign states and the spreading of neoliberalism by B-52 and cluster bomb.
[...] however, is the inconvenient reality that some of the most outspoken opponents of their world-view are either American or Jewish, or very often both.
[...] the greatest of their number is Noam Chomsky, who has spent more than four decades warning of the danger that US imperialism poses to the peace and security of the world. "
" He may be widely disliked by establishment commentators, but through exposing unpalatable truths about the way his country is run and by reminding us that US military spending protects not US citizens but the interests of the big US corporations, Chomsky has done his country and the world an invaluable service. This, together with his pioneering work in linguistics, makes him one of the great thinkers of this or any other time. "

From a brilliant issue - A "dozen" Great Thinkers of our time - as oposed to In Our Time - which is just brilliant, this weeks was on 'design in nature' which tied in, weirdly with Matt[ic]'s post about the bee, shame it is the last one next week, on Apocolype! Though the whole series is archived so I could listen to the ones I missed...

Prompted by the recent alert box collumn here are two classic papers:

Information Foraging in Information Access Environments by Peter Pirolli and Stuart Card

The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniques by Marcia J. Bates

...was wondering how I could get back my right click 'blog this' functionality - blogger (errrr. pyra) didn't even reply to my help email...

But having just installed the Beta google toolbar 2.0 - I now have a blog this button again - yippeeee Google Toolbar Help Index - it does all sorts of other clever stuff too (even blocks pop-up windows!)

Bridget Riley at Tate Britain, check the room guide for more images

something very different:

Bill Voila video artist, soon to have a major show at the National Gallery

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NTK now - slightly off topic but def. worth checking


apropos of nothing

surprised to see this is still here alongside the one they couldn't use ;)

The HomeNet Project Publications

HomeNet is a field trial at Carnegie Mellon University whose purpose is to understand people's use of the Internet at home. Starting in 1995, we have provided families with Internet service and are carefully documenting how members of the family use online services such as electronic mail, computerized bulletin boards, online chat groups, and the World Wide Web.

The INTERACT 2003 programme [pdf] just arived in the post. I am hoping to attend, as it is within easy driving distance :)

This isn't listed on the ID events list...?

videos from ReBoot6 (via 37signals)
Ben Hammersley
Dan Gillmor
Tim O'Reilly

or yeah and
Jason Fried (from 37Signals)

some of the other links don't seem to be working which is a shame cause they looked interesting (social software, blogs - to name just two)

My First Book Review

I have started to collate some links from
Digital Information Graphics on the IAwiki
My review of DIG for FirstMonday will appear next month and I felt it (the book, not my review) was worthy of a companion link collection - and where beter than on a wiki - so others can do some of the work for me ;)

Grokking the infoviz
From The Economist print edition

"Information visualisation is about to go mainstream. While it may not be the killer application some expect, “infoviz” is going to help users to manipulate [*] data in wholly new ways"

* for my mind this should read comprehend or at a push interact with, rather than manipulate...

(can't recall for certain where I saw this, but am fairly confident it was Matt[IC] - as per...)