:: Neil Clark on Noam Chomsky : "The charge of both anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism is regularly made by propagandists of the new world order against those who do not happen to share their enthusiasm for biennial invasions of sovereign states and the spreading of neoliberalism by B-52 and cluster bomb.
[...] however, is the inconvenient reality that some of the most outspoken opponents of their world-view are either American or Jewish, or very often both.
[...] the greatest of their number is Noam Chomsky, who has spent more than four decades warning of the danger that US imperialism poses to the peace and security of the world. "
" He may be widely disliked by establishment commentators, but through exposing unpalatable truths about the way his country is run and by reminding us that US military spending protects not US citizens but the interests of the big US corporations, Chomsky has done his country and the world an invaluable service. This, together with his pioneering work in linguistics, makes him one of the great thinkers of this or any other time. "

From a brilliant issue - A "dozen" Great Thinkers of our time - as oposed to In Our Time - which is just brilliant, this weeks was on 'design in nature' which tied in, weirdly with Matt[ic]'s post about the bee, shame it is the last one next week, on Apocolype! Though the whole series is archived so I could listen to the ones I missed...

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