In Situ Computing [pdf] wendy e. mackay

pbf tube map re#ed [via kottke]

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Ummed and Arred about this (not for long tho...)

Don Norman's private files -- at /ED_Draft All the chapters from the Don's forthcoming Emotional Design book - in draft form (warts and all) - surely if something is private it should be p/w protected so only 'authorised' people can get to it - just delete the url to the chapters that are being promoted and hey presto - just too tempting I am afraid Don - but as I don't get many hits I guess not many people will see this and they'll have to fork out the dosh - I leave it to others as to wether they link to this or not ¿

New Methods for Designing Experiences - Nathan Shedroff

From the new book:
Design Research: Applied Exploration of People, Culture, Context, and Form - Brenda Laurel (editor) ISBN 0262122634

flash site which displays the work of ladislav sutnar - which is nice - in support of an exhibition in Prague. It is worth spending some time on the top pane - for example the orange (monotone) images can be seen in full-colour detail if you click rather than simply roll-over the titles - this also displays the detail. The timeline pane is not brilliantly usable - mainly due to the screen space it uses (some of the entries you have to scroll a long way down to read - but in conjunction with the top pain works quite well. There are also text scroll bars that were not immediately apparent (probably just me). [props to Clare Carey from the InfoD-Café]

attn. recently grabbed by
** Unintended Use ** The 'Public Sphere' Designed by the Public
by Erik Stolterman

Beyond Use and Design - The dialectics of being in virtual worlds (ResearchIndex) abstract: "Through a technalysis of a group of designers constructing a three-dimensional virtual world we suggest new concepts for understanding our relationship to information technology. By conceptualizing information technology as the organizing structure for social interaction and regarding it as an influential mediator and moderator of human experiences, we arrive at a new perspective that reaches beyond the traditional dichotomy of use and design. In our analysis we attempt to show how being... "

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Empires of the Mind [recipr]

good to see a wiki all about Interaction Design Patterns

Graphic Design USA - Feature Archives
including 15 Trends Taking Shape In Logo Design

Material Matters: Aspects of the past and futurology of the book by Paul Duguid
which I found alongside
STOLEN KNOWLEDGE by Paul and John Seely Brown [via BBJ] whose SLofI I have liked to many times - just brilliant

I now have my own profile page on GUUUI - the Interaction Designers Coffee Break - shame I can't add any more postings though... :(

Also good to see Henrik has responded to my comments about the GUUUI search too :)