I attended a LINKS session last week at Central Saint Martins. The title was: Up for Grabs; Recapturing the interface as creative space

The speakers covered a lot of ground and there were some interesting questions asked. For example, one member of the audience said that 'the physical process of setting type in lead improved students ability to use digital typesetting tools (such as Xpress)'. I think this is an important point in relation to doing digital design work. Anyway, thought I'd look into the background of some of the speakers and found a few worthwhile links. The Littlepig link (below) which contais work by
Simon Biggs is well worth a visit.

Anyway, here are details of the speakers and subjects:
1/ Bob Cotton (author) The context of the interface
2/ Durrel Bishop (IDEO formerly of Itch) Re-thinking the interface
3/ Simon Biggs (Littlepig) Interface without commercial agendas
4/ Rob Lawrence (IBM Creative Director) Communication systems and applications
Followed by Professor Irene McAra-McWilliam from CRD at the RCA chairing a discussion.

For further info here are some links relating to the speakers:

Bob Cotton

Durrel Bishop
Simon Biggs
Rob Lawrence
Interesting BluePrint Article with mention of more than one participant

Futurecasting Digital Media - sample chapter [2]

Bob Cotton, the author, spoke at the 'Up For Grabs' LINKS event at CSM... see next post
Art21 - The Alphabet Synthesis Machine (Introduction)

another 'thing' that is kind of like MyCon (maybe)

will write a description of this soon...