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jenny le P fwd me a newletter by this lot and I came across this piece about paper prototypes - very informative!
User Interface Engineering -- Paper Prototyping Tips Article
don't know why I haven't done it sooner put up a swiki page and will endevour to add some writing there - as and when time and brain power allows
sent this by J le P

CYBERCORNER | The Onion's Guide to Human Interaction

getting fingers stuck due to too much keyboard use is another human inter-action issue .: you can't write anymore
predilictions too:

the web will be seen as predominantly a grave yard for out of date or irrelevant information (ditritous)

charges will be made for bandwidth use - i.e. bits transfered not level of access - yet another reason to make sites small

electricity companies will start to supply inovative online pricing as computers will be left switched on so people can share files/information not to mention processing power

electricity already adopts this pricing model to some extent - you do pay more to have a larger pipe but you then only pay for what you use

Much easier to be a blagger than to make predictions!

my 1st predilictions:

email will become the killer app - at last!!
smart email that can carry the means to read it (rdf stylie)
will change the way people communicate and use applications

ITRDU Resource Pool

guess you can't see it - but posted some cool stuf there

one from:

one from:

and a couple or three from:

I even sent details of the best one here:

tho' can't find where it came from - not

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