The Limits to User-Centeredness
interesting report from the Design + Culture 02 conference by James Woudhuysen who was one of the speakers

the rest of the design institute site looks worth checking

came across this via Marc Retig's site - which I won't link to as he is in hte process of moving ;-)

Mental Models

excellent Motion Induced Blindness (MIB) demonstration!
in the latest InfoVis

- now what impact do all those roll-over button with animated gifs have I wonder...?
Loop: AIGA Journal of Interaction Design Education - The Media Design Graduate Program

re-design by Brenda Laurel - so not surprising to see they have achieved a very complete course!

this mirrors what I have said about multimedia design for ages - no point teaching tools - we should be teaching techniques - and the term multimedia is itself rather defunct (as what type of computing doesn't include aspects of mm?)

other articles in this issue are good too - particularly one by Mark Retig about designing his UID course!


>> summaries of summaries <<

interesting this constant re-grouping of prevous groups of links or posts - just goes to show how important being able to find things is!

this also came from GUUUI and is on InfoD too
Visual Metaphors
another interesting (if rather short and simplistic) piece from Inf@Vis! the digital magazine of

where there is a link to:
The Myth of Metaphor by Alan Cooper

these provide a good companion to:
Metaphor: A Double-Edged Sword (May 2000) from the ACM digital library (which for some reason I can still access!)
or can be requested for personal use from: where there are lots of other interesting articles written by William Hudson

Interactivity in the context of designed experiences

covers a lot of ground (and well)
found this having followed a reference to Heeter in a LGU QD300 lecture

GUUUI - The Interaction Designer's Coffee Break

This is new - and contains some quite interesting articless - I surprised myself by posting a 'review' of Where the Action Is by Paul Dourish.

Kaliber10000 :. Front

back on the block - but not for poor old browsers...

actually - it is interesting to see quite how bad it looks in NS4.7

interesting to see the url containing layout descriptions - now how does that work...? - personalized websurfing

from [ic] daily - this collaborative filtering thing is what I have been raving about for ages - interesting to see how you/they identify associations

I wanted to do this - but it doesn't work in NS4.7 - so will have to access via IE!

one day I will upgrade to a standards supporting modern browser...

maybe next week ¿-)

liked this piece about Prices so i posted a reponse - about the gift economy

Matt writes some craazy shit

and posts cool llinks


long time no posts

been thinking about having the ' bottle to blag '

and accessibility stuff for a report :(

as James says -to paraphrase- reports are a sign of lack of action

- will find the think to that quote in the cafe one day...