tyler is one (watt?)

the sun is shining and I can sit in the garden listening to music - wow

here are a couple I am enjoying -
Moloko - statues
Aim - hinterland (which I linked to before - nice site!)

- some of which I purchased at Roots having eaten at the amazing Café Paradiso - if you can't visit, their brilliant coookbook is available online?

my work must be missing me - they have been very quick to remove any mention of me - but they can't get rid of the google cache :-))))

on Tuesday I finished at my awful job - yipeeeeeee

so I am job hunting like Matt[IC] but for different reasons - though currently do not have the lovely server space or fast connection I got very used to : - (


Saul Williams - Not in my Name -
Pledge of Resistance (DJ Spooky

(DJ Goo remix)

(Coldcut remix)

Saul Williams - Bloodletting

Saul Williams - September 12th

Saul Williams - Not in my Name -
Pledge of Resistance (original)

Astronomy Picture of the Day

particularly brilliant is

Free newsletter - HFI's UI Design Update on Web Credibility

Language and Global Communication:
A Five Year Research Programme

Emphasis will be given to the role played by transnational corporations in the global language and communication landscape, questioning to which degree and how their policies and practices result in linguistic and cultural homogeneisation and, when they localise, which elements are localised and which left unchanged, which factors (age, access, cultural factors etc) influence users’ attitudes to globalised and localised forms of language and communication and to the technologies and semiotic modes involved.

to mark my return (of sorts) - albeit delayed by the blooger down time

Haiku Error Messages
certainly not new but nice all the same


The Web site you seek
Cannot be located, but
Countless more exist.

Chaos reigns within.
Reflect, repent, and reboot.
Order shall return.

Program aborting:
Close all that you have worked on.
You ask far too much.

Windows NT crashed. I am the
Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.

Your file was so big.
It might be very useful.
But now it is gone.

Stay the patient course.
Of little worth is your ire.
The network is down.

A crash reduces
Your expensive computer
To a simple stone.

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes and lost data.
Guess which has occurred.

You step in the stream,
But the water has moved on.
This page is not here.

Out of memory.
We wish to hold the whole sky,
But we never will.

Having been erased,
The document you're seeking
Must now be retyped.

Serious error.
All shortcuts have disappeared.
Screen, Mind. Both are blank.