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including a couple by soda [via: doors]

Interview with :
The Man Behind the FedEx Logo

do you see - - ---> - - the arrow

from :
The Sneeze - Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions.

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who is on top form ;)

Not seeing much worth blogging, but thought I'd better mark the 100th issue! of
First Monday (managed to break this link - and the blogger composer - with some bad mark-up?)
long time no blogging...
prompted by this piece by Joel on Software - It's Not Just Usability "an application that does something really great that people really want to do can be pathetically unusable, and it will still be a hit."
so what will be the next napster... i don't think it will be flickr - for all the hype it lacks something (fmm) but at least you can blog pics from there

two recent (freely available) reads:

Olston, C. and Chi, E. H. (2003).
ScentTrails: Integrating Browsing and Searching on the Web.
ACM Transaction on Computer-Human Interaction.

from UIR @ PARC: Publications By Chi, Ed H.


What's Happening?: Promoting Community Awareness Through Opportunistic Peripheral Interfaces (ResearchIndex)

CS547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (videos!), available via:
Stanford Online
linked to these before, but they are all together in one place now - the MURL Archives - which goes right back to:
Toward Affective Interfaces
Rosalind Picard (MIT Media Laboratory)

Aaron Marcus, John Armitage, Volker Frank, Edward Guttman -- Globalization of User-Interface Design for the Web - pretty old, but interesting nonetheless

two interesting reads:

The Power Of Design IDEO redefined good design by creating experiences, not just products. Now it's changing the way companies innovate

also staring IDEO
Live from Your Office! It's ... ...the company talk show! If you're looking for lessons to help your company compete or to put your career in gear, just sit down on the couch next to our genial host and learn how to talk your way to the top!

blogger comments and posting via email

Face lift or make-over - i can't decide

New features are welcome, a long time comming if you ask me
Interface will take some getting used to though

(this is just a test really)

Apeer is the Thesis Project of Chad Thornton - which is very closely related to my research!

want some great ideas and sources of insperation from John Thackara ? sign up for the Doors of Perception:Mailinglist

lovely image from the Tom Phillips web site

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work - Full text Edited by Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

interLiving - Interactive Thread "INTERACTIVE THREAD is a collection of participatory design methods from a variety of disciplines that span the design process: finding out about users, generating new ideas, and selecting and implementing a design.

Each card describes a specific technique and general instructions, with a design exercise and workspace on the back. The cards can be used individually or in sequence and can be learned quickly and adopted by diverse design teams."

InfoVis issue on Digital Dashboards (some good dd links, well some of them i have blogged so..., at emergic - that dd piece reminded me (a bit) of the moodstats stuff that k10k were playing with ages ago... (...phew, I always spend so long on the kaliber1000 site once I go there - must remember not too in future!) interesting seeming visualisation of tunes and those who have played them by Dirk Waldik who has done some other interesting looking mapping stuff

[via: dan]

A conversation between Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg

which include:
Copernica Art Database Homepage - which has a nive interactive visualisation engine (sort by search letters)

there is also an
Interview--Marek Walczak + Martin Wattenberg on Rhizome

the shape of song is amoungst other things which are bewitched
take the the shortcut

by Johanna Balušíková, Slovakia

from International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2004

transmediale04 exhibition
some grt stuff here including:
stuff by social fiction, presentation about bix
and this weird and wonderful filmtext/

from Paul Dourish's reading list for ICS 234C: Computing and Cyberspace come a couple of interesting papers about blogging:

Nardi, Schiano, Gumbrecht, and Swartz. Unpublished. I'm Blogging This: A Closer Look at Why People Blog. [pdf]

Herring, Scheidt, Bonus, and Wright. 2004. Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs. [pdf]

and loads of others interesting stuff (obv.)

[via: OLWeekly]

quicktime versions of The Corporation large version [20.9M] and smaller [9.9M]
~tho' don't just watch - when you can act!

Terrible Twos
by Christina Wodtke
"your secret weapon, “You know, I’ve been pondering over that—what do you think?” Why is this the secret weapon? Nothing shows confidence more than the willingness to admit you don't have all the answers. Admitting you don’t have an answer always trumps bullshit."

good looking article in the latest FM: Finders, keepers? The present and future perfect in support of personal information management by William Jones

Theory and Practice of Online Learning Editors: Terry Anderson & Fathi Elloumi
[full-text online [pdf] - CC License]

two for the kids:

BBC - Music - Drumsteps - very nice, hours of drum fun

Switch Zoo - Make Your Own New Animals - good fun and nice animated transitions - will keep them occupied for ages [via: goodexperience]

Conversations with Dina Revisiting the Intranet - Presence, Communication, Collaboration
[via: elearningpost daily links]

Good Experience - The Page Paradigm

- - - - - - - - - - The Page Paradigm - - - - - - - - - -
| |
| On any given Web page, users will either... |
| |
| - click something that appears to take them closer |
| to the fulfillment of their goal, |
| |
| - or click the Back button on their Web browser. |
| |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- basically Marks says to focus on task not context! Seems sensible.

if you haven't seen this film yet - you really don't know what you are missing - a true masterpiece. see:
BBC - Films - review - City of God (Cidade de Deus)
official site
imdb page - which seems to be down at the mo.

i now have a silly favicon, thanks to Photo Matt's - how-to-create-a-favicon

it should look something like this:
though smaller, of course - only problem is it doesn't show up on Bloglines (which is the reason i created it in the first place...) - oh well, probably something to do with the fact that i use the free blogger service so the icon resides elsewhere. If you know how to fix this - give us a shout -- hy [underscore] de [underscore] sign [at] hotmail [dot] com

Giving is Receiving - the hypermedia research centre - University of Westminster
" 'We must rediscover the pleasure of giving: giving because you have so much. What beautiful and priceless potlatches the affluent society will see - whether it likes it or not! - when the exuberance of the younger generation discovers the pure gift.' - Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life, Practical Paradise, London 1972, page 70. "

- looks like an interesting book/author
- loads of other writing etc. on the nothingness site

InfoVis Looks at Blogosphere some interesting thoughts - but no mention of the various touchGraph blog/LJ visualisations or of the blogtribe on Ryze

- i guess i should really remove myself from the London Bloggers map - but as that is where my roots/routes are, i feel it is a legitimate bit of truth stretching - this freedom raises some interesting questions about other open/user generated maps (or other info presentation mechs - blogs, wiki's, etc.) and truth...

ICALT 2002 - Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies

SOME NOTES ON Christopher Alexander By Dr. Nikos A. Salingaros.

golan levin homepage top notch, aural and visualisations

Information Visualization as Artistic Practice [via: BCF]

contents and overview Library: Books of: "Sorting Things Out
Geoffrey C. Bowker Susan Leigh Star "
- wonder if i can get access to this, somehow?

IT Conversations--Complete List latest, and last, from ETCON is:
Don Norman, on — Emotional Design — what else

p i x e l v i e w - behind the screen with independent designers, developers and others

ooooohhh - how much do i want one of these >>>>>
thought i'd return to my old ways of linking to other people's images :: Our Work :: Pocket Digital

Seb's Open Research #Scholars who blog - should be worth a shifty (at some point)

Paulo Coelho downloads page - inlcuding the first chapter of
VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE, 1999 [trf] - which is just a superb book.
There are also a couple of shorter pieces, on the Sant Jordi Ass. site, including:
ON MASTERS AND DISCIPLES OF ZEN BUDDHISM - which includes, amougst other gems, this:
"(Old Samurai maxim)
If a man keeps his eyes fixed only on what is good, he will be incapable of learning, because if he does not know evil, evil can catch him unawares.
(Murasaki Shikuku)"

[via: seb again]

Content Delivery in the 'Blogosphere' - looks at blogs in relation to education [via: Seb's Open Research]

Matt's own presentation, on Glancing ETech 2004: slide 1

Matt Webb's Index of /notes/2004/02/etcon - not pretty, but sure to be insightful, soooo much to read... Just one of the ETCON note takers

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference -- February 9-12, 2004
- just too much interesting stuff/people to mention!

But i will point out a few that caught my eye:
Danny O'Brien, NTK
Cory Doctorow, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Donald A. Norman, NNG
danah boyd
James Crabtree, Research Director, Work Foundation's iSociety program
Matt Jones, BBJ
Molly Steenson, IDI Ivrea
and last, but by no means least,
Matt Webb (Interconnected - which is sadly departed - still, i think)

now off to check out the coverage section (wiki, blogs, ++)

since blogger is - i have added a link to MY atom feed - see left hand side - including one of the logos from the atom wiki
which i was reminded of by reading Sam Ruby's notes from ETCON 2004 [via: synesthesia]

sociable media // newsletter including "The Visual Language of PowerPoint: Q&A with Bob Horn"

What's Next for Online Design? Friday, March 5, 1999
transcript of session from the Seybold Seminars Boston/Publishing '99, Web Publishing Conference

Andrew Zolli, Track chair
J.C. Herz, New York Times, Moderator
Rich Gold, Manager, Research in Experimental Documents, Xerox PARC
Ben Fry, Research Assistant, Aesthetics and Computation Group, MIT Media Lab
Audience Q&A


nuff said

Abstracts from Digital Communities 2003

M.A. Boudourides: Social and Psychological Effects in Computer-Mediated Communication ~good looking references, so might be worth reading

SAP Design Guild -- User Interface Design - Is it A Science, An Art, or A Craft?

frank thissen is quoted in e-learn mag feature
Feelin’ Groovy "The problem is not the technology, the problem is that nearly all of the [e-learning] environments I know metacommunicate dreariness and boredom, and they only address the cognitive part of learning.”

His work looks interesting...

The Lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat clay says: The best essay on online community (and on collaborative gaming) ever - so this should be worth a read :)

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition (full text online) via GUUUI - which has a new full length article: Accessibility humanized - as usual, top quality content - shame the number of links being posted as dropped so much recently ;-)

Predictions for 2004 - E-learning visionaries look to the future - is currently on the eLearn Magazine: Main Page but cannot find a permanent link to it... :(
Some v. good thoughts
iTunes for Windows and Mac iSbogus ~ and all sorts of other positive campaigns

Peter has written some nice comments about what looks like a great book... Google Search: Designing for People

Good Experience - Bit literacy: an overview ~how to cope with the abundance

"And as we shift to becoming not just consumers but *creators* of bits, the discipline of bit literacy will show us how to *create* bits differently: mindfully, meaningfully, and with an acceptance of their essential emptiness. "

so here is my - already getting hits from there, which is weird, but nice - great to be able to see what others who have linked to the same thing as you are also linking to

i am certainly going to follow the example of /cshirky and the other /bhyde - and start using - as linking (with a brief comment) is all i use this blog for anyway - looks brilliant - you can see who else has linked to what you have adn much much more... for ben's comments see: enthusiasm

ACM: Ubiquity - A Conversation with Andrew Hargadon
"The more we move into a digital world and the more easily our work becomes digitized and traceable, the more easily the origins on our influence become traceable. The Beatles borrowed from Elvis and everybody else. When they borrowed, it was OK because they were playing in clubs in Germany and nobody could track their music. When a hip-hop artist samples music off of CDs and puts together a song on his Apple, it becomes possible to say, 'Wait a minute, you stole that melody from here and you stole this part from there.' The creative process is the same, but now with technologically we can tease out the influences and say, 'This riff is owned by somebody else.' All of a sudden, on an erroneous assumption, the law is meddling in the creative process."

~here here

2004: The Turning Point ~Stephen Downes "...clicking on an evaluation as you read, adding a comment or annotation if you felt like it, capturing and collecting your own personal library as you went along? Not a blog, because a blog is about writing, but a way of communicating what you think is important."

I think this sums up nicely what i would like to see available - the only thing missing is the need for some agregatory tool - so others can see what you thought, liked, visited, and vice versa (when you want them to, that is ;)

There are also predictions about:
Personalization finally working
Learning objects ariving at last
New hype: simulations
Attacks on Open Content
IP Communications, finally

well worth a read

IHT: Shooting down pop-up ads on the Internet IHT has a pretty slick interface (but interestingly uses pop-up adds themselves :)

It seems there may be a move away from such intrusive styles of advertising towards more explicit traditional approaches
IHT: Test brings clones of TV ads to Internet

two pieces about audio - great

Auditory Information Design
from The Australian Digital Theses Program

Audio Interfaces for Online Environments by Clark MacLeod

[both via InfoD UbyD]

Gaps in the net from Le Monde diplomatique, highlights the issues discussed at the first World Summit on the Information Society - not very encouraging reading

zipdecode - ben fry interesting interface - and i like the way the zip code density shows (i asume) the population density at the same time

i wonder what else ben has been up to recently... see how mario is working as you play paint, that is
a couple of recent'ish pieces from (freely accessible) ACM pubs:

ACM Queue - Beyond Instant Messaging - IM isn't just for play anymore. Find out what's next.

ACM Crossroads - Virtual Communities and Team Formation

ACM Ubiquity - Putting it all together with Robert Kahn
"The co-founder of the Internet recalls the non-commercial early days and looks at today's issues of fair use, privacy and the need for security."

i wish i could do more - but adding this here to at least show my support FFII: Software Patents in Europe

A Novel Lifecycle of Collaborative Methods for the Design of Social Software

via usabilityviews

who linked to: NEW THEORETICAL APPROACHES FOR HCI [the uv link as displayed in bloglines is broken !] but this lead me up and sideways, which was well worth it. so brocken links can be a good thing :)

i was going mad with blogger removing this post - something to do with one of the url's - think it is going to work this time....

some simple and small GAMES and a tile based game tutorials (for Flash)

[pause & effect - the art of interactive narrative] including excerpts and testimonials from none other than Brenda Laurel and Nathan Shedroff (can't be bad then I'd guess...)

from the newly formatted (and now lets you add comments) and url'ed InfoDesign: Understanding by Design | Special on R.S. Wurman
"our entire system of education is bankrupt because what is taught to you is not what you are interested in, and it is not taught to you in a method that can accentuate the interest so you build up a whole fibrous web of learning for yourself. Not an interest you have that doesn't connect with everything else in the world. So why not go in through your interests? But that is not how our school systems are set up. You memorize things you are not interested in, throw them up on a test, and then you forget them."

~too true

Shame RSW didn't mention that Understanding is also about the notion of standing under - in that you you need to do that to fully appreciate (not that it might fall on your head)

MIT Media Laboratory: Momentum
with writing by:
Dan Ariely
Walter Bender
Steve Benton
Bruce Blumberg
V. Michael Bove, Jr.
Cynthia Breazeal
Ike Chuang
Chris Csikszentmihályi
Glorianna Davenport
Judith Donath
Neil Gershenfeld
Hiroshi Ishii
Joe Jacobson
Andy Lippman
Tod Machover
John Maeda
Scott Manalis
Marvin Minsky
William J. Mitchell
Seymour Papert
Joe Paradiso
Sandy Pentland
Rosalind Picard
Mitchel Resnick
Deb Roy
Chris Schmandt
Ted Selker
Barry Vercoe

: phew )