Volere Requirements Specification Template

looks like a very useful tool to guide the requirements gathering process!

mentioned in
The emperor has no lab coat
an article by George (interactionbydesign) Olsen

ACM: Ubiquity - Talking with Terry Winograd > snip >> I also think people will carry devices with them that have various powers. They'll use a mixture of modalities. << snipped <
tset :hcraeS elgooG

tset : test
hcraes : search
no : on
sdrawkcab : backwards
elgoog : google

sseltniop : pointless
tub : but
nuf : fun

and whilst on the subject of mirrored meaning


touching tongues

maybe I should start a
sseltniop tob nuf ... golb?

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition

a new version of the brilliant Yale style guide
loads of new content, lots with visual examples!

would be v. good to have a pdf version...

and accessibility (which is threaded through the chapters) could have been given it's own chapter aswell maybe?
Productsphere: The Shape of Information | Metropolis Magazine | July 2002

nice visual essay with examples of information design in the round (i.e. mainly physical objects)

our library doesn't have the book mentioned as a seminal work by graphic designer Ladislav Sutnar and architect Knud Lönberg-Holm -- Catalog Design Progress [1950]

will keep looking...

i-mode movie icon

maniac mycon

maniac mycon

i wrote another brief review on GUUUI of software design and usability what I consider to be a really worthwhile read for anyone pomdering the issues surrounding successful interaction design
After the Dot-Bomb

everyone else is linking to this (so I thought, why not join them ¿-) - from the author of The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniques which is well worth reading too

The final piece of advice is that "If you develop a site with any information retrieval component at all, then hire information expertise." So this maybe bodes well for budding InfoDs and InterDs.