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went back here - and thought why not
haven't blogged much meself for ages
been to busy BbBlogging!
XML.com: The Semantic Web: A Primer [Nov. 01, 2000]
a good clear primer - with lots of other useful stuff at useful Inc
on user centred virtual architecture (uce's)

an article from : Special Issue on Designing Virtual Worlds Vol. 4 of Int. Journal of Design Computing

went to this talk by Jared Spool - tother day

was not mightily impressed - a lot fo the content had already been sent out as part of UIE's free newsletter - I even sent a mail to complain... haven't had a repsonse as yet - these design events that cannot practice what they preach - reminds me of the design for usability event - with no handouts or info on the web site - and a discussion board that was promised by never materialised :(

Information Foraging in Information Access Environments

old but interesting foraging article by Peter Pirolli and Stuart Card

found via - Usability: Jared Spool Presents Hard Evidence
which is also worth revisiting
Seven Principles for Cultivating Communities of Practice

v. interesting - the rythm here is downbeat - that's for sure :(

had this read to me by the new version of ReadPlease