Ramana's Information Flow 2.8 ~~ August 2003 ~~ RSS Reeds and Email Newsletters makes interesting reading and includes his: 49 Classics cont.

Jason (kottke.org) reckons the result of switching blogger pro features to the standard version will result in Free as in stagnation - not sure if his arguments stand up to scrutiny but I for one will be pleased if blogger improves a bit ;-) And re. my last post, does that mean I'll get a working RSS feed???

Demos - Goes CreativeCommons: "To mark our tenth anniversary, Demos has created an online archive of our publications which can now be accessed free on our website. All new publications will also be available to download. We believe that an 'Open Access' approach to our work and our knowledge will help our ideas travel more quickly and more widely."
~if only there were more 'think tanks' who behaved like this.

One of their recent publications is "Open Source Democracy: How online communication is changing offline politics" which is listed as being forthcoming, however.... on the boingboing site there is this link to it - so who knows what is going on???

For the first time in ages, I checked the egroup page and discovered that there have been some two-hundred odd subscription requests to HyDeSign - however none of them seem to have resulted in a subscription, which now stands at 58 - though 38 are bouncing ;-) So, I can either asume that these are fake requests or that the egroup system is still up the creek...? Eitherway, it would be good to know if it is working in some shape or form. So, if you have managed to subscribe, or haven't for that matter, then please drop me a line to HyDeSign-owner@yahoogroups.com I can then add you manually - I was going to trawl through the subsriptions requests but I am only allowed to add 10 people at a time so thought better of it :)
Alternatively, you might want to subsribe via Bloglines - though as I am using a free RSS service it doesn't seem to work very well either. Also, if you know of a better RSS system than MyRSS let me know (seems it was last updated on 4 Mar 2003 !!!) - so not hard to beat... The other problem seems to be that I cannot change the RSS uri on the bloglines system...
I had thought of pointing to the blogex feed - but that shows who has linked to me...
Just came across http://www.bloglet.com/ so may give this a try... ¿we'll see?

Patterns of Software the whole book [pdf] by Richard P. Gabriel ~powerful stuff

create your own (version) of the BBC - Radio 4 PLAY - Dark House

great listing of Radio Programmes relevant to usability - with links to audio etc. [via cityofbits]

your own City Creator - kinda like a personal habbo hotel - if only you could allow people to live in it once you had built it... [via cityofsound] (Dan has a couple of new colleagues - should result in some interesting stuff - congrats matt and tom!!

from DIS'2002 papers
Adaptive Design
Thomas P Moran

" Why are there no 'usefulness designers'?

[...] adaptation activity is another form of design, the pervasive everyday design that people do for themselves - the most authentic kind of designing.

[...] there is an architecture (in the systems sense) of adaptive systems and strategies for supporting adaptive design, such as providing 'underspecified room'
for adaptation and modular components.

Our field of design, in the broadest sense, needs to embrace and leverage the vitality in the everyday adaptive design of people."
OLD but worth checking Dialog on Leadership: Lucy Suchman Interview alongside loads of other leaders¿ [not via cityofsound whose link I have fixed ;)] but http://brightlycoloredfood.com/ ~ chocker

Shocked to see how much time I spent blogging a year ago >>> 2002_09_01_HyDeSign

some good links there though (still)...
one I haven't visited for ages (since then probably) is decafbad - where I noticed The Hundred-Year Language

what a superb film and a nice trailer too Les Triplettes de Belleville - Un film de Sylvain Chomet go see it!
- shame it doesn't come up on a search....

great to have found it! cityofsound:was Busted here's why it was down - there are so many people still linking to the old page...

Brilliant essay by Clay Shirky: Fame vs Fortune: Micropayments and Free Content

"These systems didn't fail because of poor implementation; they failed because the trend towards freely offered content is an epochal change, to which micropayments are a pointless response."
"...the act of buying anything, even if the price is very small, creates what Nick Szabo calls mental transaction costs, the energy required to decide whether something is worth buying or not, regardless of price."
"...creators are not publishers, and putting the power to publish directly into their hands does not make them publishers. It makes them artists with printing presses. This matters because creative people crave attention in a way publishers do not."
"The interesting questions are how far the power of the creator to publish their own work is going to go, how much those changes will be mirrored in group work, and how much better collaborative filters will become in locating freely offered material."

Dave Murphy's ITinfo is back, now in the form of a web log. T'is worth keeping tabs on this as Dave has some insightful comments about the industry - and not just to do with IT training. Check out the archives (dating back to 1997) to judge his track record.

My write-up of DIG is the last on this page of FM Reviews. The IAwiki page mentioned - but not linked to - is http://www.iawiki.net/DigitalInformationGraphics