Doors of Perception weblog: 'Reversing the reversal' with john chris jones

Doors of Perception weblog: 'Reversing the reversal' with john chris jones:
‘To begin with what can be imagined
To use both intuition and reason
To work it out in context
To model the contextual effects of what is imagined
To change the process to suit what is happening
To refuse what diminishes
To seek inspiration in what is
To choose what depends on everyone’

New Statesman - Blogs

New Statesman - Blogs

! very classy stuff !
just got my new subscription to Index on Censorship - you can follow their blogging here: Latest news from Index on Censorship, leading the fight for free expression in the UK and beyond

new issue is about the internet+
[brave new words]

this is how hydesign used to be connected as displayed via touch-graph (which still exists but now looking very commercial)

am going to start blogging a bit more - assuming I find some interesting sign related stuf
starting with a few links to some old connections:
Sociable Media Group judith still doing interesting work
Interconnected matt's not blogging much nowadays - though does at BERG
Bonnie Nardi (always inspiring)
GUUUI (nothing new but still worth a look for old links)

gapingvoid gallery

not only is hugh macleod's [gapingvoid] profound but they are funny too !-)