Zero - Hans Schleger: A Life of Design

This exhibit is on at the mo - downstairs:.

the highlight (for me) being the JohnLewisPartnership logo:

which I really like - this visual device is derived from the letters jlp to very good effect
note - v. roughly redraw (doesn't do it justice) - this has been fazed out in favour of stripes

and the - bus stop - sign:

note - this is a request stop - so you have to put out your hand
again this is redraw - and I have almost certainly got the text/image proportions all wrong ;-)
the breakthrough here is the incorporation of text 'BUS STOP' with the LT logo to create a unified info-design

2 interesting things:
the prominence of the ZERO signature/logo on nearly all the work, and
the use of the carefuly designed ZERO (logo) by Hans

what if advertising houses / or designers stamped their logo on their adverts for Companies


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