watching (well mainly listening) to Tom Zimmerman from IBM Almaden Research talking about his Motivations for Invention

from the [CS547 Human-Computer Interaction Seminar]

and Tom mentions a few time the [exploratorium] which has some brilliant interactive exhibits - but much better actually being there - I was amazed to see I hadn't linked to after our trip to San Fran back in - I think I only linked to some of the f~art we'd seen

tom friedman
soap and pubic hair

missed the stream from Ivrea SYMPOSIUM ON FOUNDATIONS OF INTERACTION DESIGN today - but am going to make sure I am watching tomorrow - there is also an Ivrea Intersections Blog best post is by purselipsquarejaw - with some interesting links about Pelle Ehn"] whose links I followed to cultural usablity [thanks to BrightlyColoredFood for the pointer - via -gottta give it another plug- bloglines]

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