Tiresias - SRU
Actually this page contains information about the RNIB's Scientific Research Unit. I think the usability of page titles (which often become bookmarks or maybe more importantly blog links ;) is something that is all too often overlooked. Sometimes what seems like the simplest thing to do is actually the hardest. Or at least to do it well consistently. I have complained probably too often to people about this -recently to InfoVisMag- maybe it is only something I think is important?

Two other pages of note from this site are:
Which Button?
Access Prohibited?
On this page I actually thought I couldn't see it cause my browser was too old. The significance of the question mark passed me by and I nearly resorted to accessing the text only version. The use of the phrase 'modern browser' on the link gave me the impression that mine wasn't - and this page was going to send me to a list of modern browsers. Yet again the simple matter of meaningful and unambiguous link text...

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