all functions should be available at all times!

quote from:
Summary of The Humane Interface"In present systems, work gets done in applications (which are sets of commands that apply to certain kinds of objects). Tasks are not accomplished at the desktop, and desktops (or launching areas in general) should disappear as interfaces improve. The idea of an application is an artificial one, convenient to the programmer but not to the user. From a user’s point of view there is content (a set of objects created or obtained by the user) and there are commands that can operate on objects. Commands should be independent of applications and be applicable at any time and to any object."

Surely this would make managing the miriad of function that are available even within a single application impossible - how could every possible function be available all the time - and with it's own unique gesture? - this sounds like using semiphore to communicate with someone who is sitting next to you - restricting the channel and probably increasing the likelihood of errors by a factor of n++

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