modules and modelessness

quote from: Summary of The Humane Interface "The present paradigm of desktop, applications, and documents can be replaced by a simpler, modeless concept of content and commands. In such an environment, vendors will sell command sets and transformers rather than applications, and a user may not have to deal with a huge application when all he wants is a few new abilities. Such a reorganization will also eliminate much redundant code now present in the multiple applications we use (consider how many different text editors reside on a typical personal computer: There’s one for the word processor, one for the file name editor, one for dialog boxes.... But there need only be one set of commands for word processing functions)."

But even within so called 'word processing' functionality there is a great deal of variation that is required - sometimes you need different capabilities (spell check, html viewer,

(if this was transcopied then I wouldn't be worrying about potential infringement :)

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