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no crumbs (or fluff) in her pocket

I noticed there were some info lit sources so I sent them to conrad re. the project he just mentioned in the InfoD cafe
I also sent

the original matt
who I have recently rediscovered
and who just linked to

who has just writen about
power law relationships
which lead me to
Bernardo A. Huberman's The Laws of the Web: Patterns in the Ecology of Information.
which (unsurprisingly) lead via LINKED back to Smart Mobs.

.brightlycoloredfood.who links to RRE - which is a sign of good taste
and whose categories I like and where I found myself stuck for ages goign off in different directions...

this blog is new to me but there are some interesting gimmics
got to this via the googleGraph

[design tutor blog]

[linked to me - one time so...]

which is well worth reading - and following on from

I guess these should really be on a sub menu - but as nothing will be moving for a while.......

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