was trying to find out where I got:

Computers as Persuasive Social Actors
chapter 5 of 'Persuasive Technology'
by B J Fogg
but I couldn't track it back down?

ended up finding
Seamful ubiquity: Beyond seamless integration
by Ian MacColl /Matthew Chalmers (Glasgow) and Yvonne Rogers / Hilary Smith (Sussex)

which is on the Equator project's ~ 'city wiki'

where a link wouldn't work so I was forced to go directly to Bary's site
to access one of the papers
that interested me
Brown, B. and M. Perry (2002) Of maps and guidebooks: designing geographical technologies. In: Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2002, London, UK. ACM Press
(on the wiki the link is swiffy)

Barry also has some pictures, including...


which it took me ages to be able to link to for some reason to do wtih spaces in thumbnail file names

finally went back to try and track down the B J Fogg book - and this led me to:
which is another area that interests me...
where I ended up emailing BJ himself to subscribe the UPDATE newsletter, so I asked him where I might have got it from...

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