What we Talk about when we Talk about Ubiquitous



Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown
However this page is entitled:
"Bits flowing through the wires of a computer network are invisible; a “network monitor” is a tool that let’s those bits be seen. At SIGGRAPH 95, the largest computer graphics conference, a radically new network monitoring tool was introduced. It produce" which is actually the intro text to
Designing Calm Technology also by Mark and John

Mark's homepage is hoasted on the xerox PARC sandbox server along side Paul Dourish's (well worth checking)


Some notbale content from
ACM's Ubiquity Magazine (and forum)

Cherri M. Pancake on Usability Engineering

Product Language in Electronic Media Design
By Steffen Klein

Emotion and Affect
Don Norman on the value of beauty, fun and pleasure in design.

Need "Therapy" for Your "Information Pain"?Louis Rosenfeld helps organizations cope with their information architecture issues.


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