Noah Grey wrote a piece of software called Greymatter, and with it helped the blogosphere take its first hesitant steps into the limelight. Then he kind of disappeared, and then he kind of came back again. Last week, he kindly agreed to spill his heart to WriteTheWeb - The heart of the matter
" I don't put much stock in the "personal publishing revolution" idea, though. To me, it isn't so much a new revolution but merely a new way of doing something very, very old. I believe that perhaps the most defining element of who we are - the element that most makes us human - is the fundamental need to express ourselves in the best way they can; something which goes back not only to the obvious pre-web ancestors of this medium (Montaigne, Samuel Pepys, even St. Augustine), but really, to the first time one caveman (or woman) called others together around the proverbial fire and said, this is what I saw, and this is how I felt about it."

spot on!

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