Interview with The Don in New Scientist "[Software design is done] best by
having a dictator. From the user's point of view, you must have a
coherent design philosophy, and I don't see how that could come
about from open source software. The person who's done it best is
Steve Jobs, and he's well-known for being a tyrant."

Having just come across the Gnome GUI for Linux, I would suggest Don allows OpenSource time to settle before making such proclemations. There are differences between dictatorial and machiavelian approaches. Raymond, proposes the 'Charismatic Coordinator Theory' of OpenSource. And there is always the small but slow coupling approach put forward in Dust or Magic by Bob Hughes.

Even though Don confesses to being a tinkerer himself. The key issue [FMM] that wasn't touched on in the interview, is the question of gradual improvement, constant but subtle tinkering. The impact should only be noticable in that something is easier. The changes should not disrupt the previously learned behaviour.

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