yet more of the Big Picture "It's like
when people began thinking about flying: The natural
way to fly was to build an artificial bird, just as the natural
way to organize information on a computer was to build
an electronic office with a file cabinet and a desktop. But
it turned out that an artificial bird was the wrong way to
make to an airplane, and that airplanes have their own

And we believe that an artificial office and artificial file
cabinet and artificial garbage can and desktop and so
forth was an obvious first guess but not the right way for
information to be organized on a computer, and that a
narrative or a time stream, which makes perfect sense
intellectually or cognitively, may not work in a paper
office, but it does work when we have the software to
make it happen."

been reading the first chapter in Leonardo's Laptop, not that Ben's ideas are dated, by it reminded me of the two brilliant papers by 'Lick' - see: more info about 'Lick' here: and about Taylor here:

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