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pbf - this kinda demonstrates (in a similar way to SFCave) that small scale design within very tight constraints can produce creative solutions that are effective within potentially more complex environments - this is akin to appliance design, which aims for the lowest common denominator but the resulting simplicity provides benefits for more sophisticated users/systems. These types of benefits are also found when designing for less able users (e.g. the elderly and children) and improving systems for all.

One particular quote springs to mind (which may of course be inaccurate):
"Improve design for the elderly and you improve design for the young"

which is I think from one of these sources:

Rabbitt P. (1990). Age and Design: Age and Design for New Technology.
Age & Cognitive Performance Research Centre, University of Manchester.

Rabbitt P. (1993). When do old people find displays difficulty? IEE
Colloquium on Special Needs and the Interface. Digest No 1993/005.

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