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The Art of Being Human by Nick Usborne

is a sort of short version (with a couple of examples) of the cluetrain manefesto which I linked to previously, but which is realy worth reading properly (i.e. in book form)

interesting the connection between this and small pieces lossely joined
by David Weinberger - Co-author of the cluetrain manifesto
where the second chapter (ignor the page title ;) is entitled Space - it is stated that the web isn't one, even though we think of it as such. But I am not convinced about this...

The idea of maps showing different levels (or perspectives) and possibly also their corresponding interelations is something potentially pretty powerful.

If you can create a map of it then surely what the map represents is some kind of space (even if it isn't tangable).

Understanding what the map depicts and therefore being able to interpret or understand it is another thing...

There is the argument that text is central but when coupled with images (and possibly sound) can text be taken further than when it is unacompanied?

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