Looks like the TATE 'problem' was a local browser 'issue' - as it is working fine now - I think I was low on resources (too much multitasking) - so I have deleted the post ;) I wonder if anyone (except Jen leP) saw it anyway. It is weird not to know whether anyone/who is reading this :)

I got my first - that I am aware of - mention on someone else's blog the other day - which was kinda nice - it was by Matt[IC] - who maintains a very regular blog (pushed by email - which for me singles it out - I used to really enjoy gleanings which also came via email but it has dried up - maybe Christina has more important things to do?

Hopefuly I will one day soon too). I went to meet a potential supervisor at the OU's KMi last week - quite encouraging re my CMC visualisation ideas but I am not sure if he is the best/ideal person to supervise me - I am going to seek advice from those more knowledgable about this area in the InfoDcafé.

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