Went to
Bringing Design to Software
Edited by Terry Winograd

to see if I could read:
The Role of the Artist-Designer - Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor
but it isn't one of the chapters available online.

Philip spoke about 'A space for half-formed thoughts' at Flow~Doors7

The following conclusion will certainly influence my approach to aural~visual reps of CMC space.

I think the challenge is to afford dynamic control of the 'boundary' between vagueness and clarity (primarily on a personal level).

1: Its metaphor is spatial, but its spatial character is not limited by the
constraints of real space and physics

2: It contains flowing patterns that reflect incoming data about the world. But
we don’t just see these patterns: we sense them as sounds and vibrations;
we feel them as wind in hair, taste on tongue, tension in muscles

3: Informational patterns are manifested in varying densities of this smoky
space; and

4: We can sharpen the outlines of things, make them harder and clearer. But
we’d only do so when we feel our ideas are ready to coalesce

Vagueness is sometimes a virtue, and clarity is sometimes a vice."

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